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A special thank you to all the attendees of the 2013 School of Turfgrass Management at Gross National Golf Course in Minneapolis.  We had a very interactive group and it was great to get to know all of you during the three day session.

For those of you that missed it this year, next year’s School of Turfgrass Management will be held in Wisconsin, with a location to be determined.  If you would like to get on the email list, please feel free to contact us in the near future. 

The 2012 cultivar data is now posted on the cultivar evaluation page.  The cultivar evaluation data page also includes archived data back to 2007.  For additional cultivar data you can visit the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program website where you will find cultivar data from around the country.

Extension - Turfgrass ScienceWe have extended the registration deadline for those of you interested in attending the School of Turfgrass Management from January 30th to February 1st, 2013.  To sign up, complete and send in the registration form below.  Online email registrations and credit card payments will also be accepted, se

University of Minnesota Extension is seeking feedback from members of the public to help direct future lawn care and turfgrass education programs. Take a brief (10-15 minute) survey and be entered into a drawing for three chances to win an iPad Mini. Drawings will be held on January 31st, February 28th, and March 31st 2013. Early survey respondents will have the most chances at winning one of the three iPad Minis. Find the survey here.


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